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Our Eco Code

Bull's Retreat is firmly committed to preserving our fragile environment. The resort and all the adventure activities organized by it follow a strict eco-code that involves all major stakeholders - our clients, MHE Adventure Holidays our adventure activity organizers, and the local community.

The running hot water provided comes from solar panels mounted on the resorts terrace area. This helps us conserve precious electricity. Though we have a 24-hour generator back-up, the solar panels provide continuous hot running water all through the year. It does mean you need to wait a while before the hot water reaches your taps – a bucket to collect the cold water is provided in every bath area.

All non-organic garbage (plastic bags, tetra packs, cans etc.) are collected and taken to Rishikesh daily. They are disposed of there in areas set aside by municipal guidelines.

We have pledged to be a partner in conducting responsible and sustainable tourism with minimal impact on the physical, cultural and social environment of the area. At Bull's Retreat, we have taken several important steps to put these words into action. Though we do have 24-hour generator back-up, we have ensured it is not an automated system. That does mean that you may have to wait for 120 seconds for the power to come back on, but it also means we conserve diesel consumption.

To conserve the environment, the room linen is changed once in three days. If however, you are still specific about a daily change, please do let us know.

We run our in-house composting pit that converts all our bio-degradable kitchen waste into nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner that is used in our gardens.

We also use natural enzymes to service our soak pits to provide a chemical free environment.

Most of our employees belong to the Garhwal region - providing the local community employment. All our products - groceries and vegetables, are locally procured for the same reason.