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At MHE Adventures, safety and hygiene have always been our top priority. We are closely watching the new research as it comes out on a daily basis and have deep dived into our Bull’s Retreat SOPS.

It is important to keep in mind one key factor – our neighbourhood. Just as the city-dweller may be wary of heading into remote regions, the people living in and around Bull’s Retreat are equally wary of receiving guests. Our SOPs therefore, need to not only inspire the faith of our guests at the forest resort, they also need to create faith amongst the local communities we will be interacting with while there.

The control measures described below are based on principles of hygiene, common sense, and consensus guidance. Further, they are based on the current recommendations from WHO and other international bodies (with source provided where applicable) and are liable to change as more research comes in.

Our Covid-19 Safe SOPs are based on the six simple principles of ASSIST.

A - Awareness
Create awareness with our staff, vendors, and clients.
S - Systems
New SOPs need to be created and followed to the T.
S - Sanitize
Everything, all contact points. Everything we do must be driven from the point of hygiene.
I - Inform
Make sure that our guests are well informed about our SOPs and keep them in the loop of all local conditions at all times.
S - Show
SOPs must be demonstratable. Show cleaning, show sanitizing, show social distancing.
T - Train
Everyone. Our staff, vendors and our guests too.


If you wish to be picked up from the airport, railway station, or roadhead, do let us know. We will be happy to arrange the same. Following are the measure that will be undertaken:

  • All guests will submit to a temperature check before boarding the vehicle. Anyone running a temperature of more than 98.6° F will not be allowed to board the vehicle and will be directed to get in touch with local health authorities. Our staff will assist you in the same and all expenses in relation to this will need to be borne by the guests.
  • The vehicle will not stop anywhere en route. It is a 60 minute drive to Bull’s Retreat from the airport and 90 minutes from the Haridwar station and the driver is instructed not to halt on the way unless it is a serious medical emergency.
  • The car/coach will be disinfected after every use. High touch points (door handles, seats, seat backs, steering wheel, power window buttons, door locks, windows, TV screens, will be cleaned down with a soap and water solution and then sprayed with disinfectant surface cleaner. The disinfectant will be sprayed and left on the surface for minimum one minute before wiping off with a tissue or cloth.
  • The driver will wear a mask (3-layer cotton/reusable/washable) and cotton gloves and will be instructed not to shake hands with the guests.
  • If a guest does not have a mask, a fresh one will be handed over to them and the same will be billed to the guest on check out.
  • Guests will be asked to use the sanitizer immediately and also before touching anything – this will be dispensed by the driver himself.
  • We would suggest keeping the windows of the vehicle open and avoid the air-conditioning since the virus can remain in recirculated air.
  • No water bottles will be made available in the vehicle and guests are expected to bring their own water bottles. A 20 ltr refill jar of drinking water will be kept in the back (wiped down and disinfected) in case water is required.
  • Your luggage will be disinfected (sprayed and wiped down with a soap and water spray and then wiped down with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol before loading into the vehicle.
  • All curtains and carpets will be removed from the vehicle.
  • Before you enter the property, your Blood Saturation levels will be checked. SPO2 levels between 94 and 100 are considered normal. If any guest has a high temperature or if their SPO2 levels are below 94%, they will be required to connect with local health authorities, for which our staff will assist you. All expenses in relation to this will need to be borne by the guests.
  • No “walk-in” guests will be permitted – a prior booking is a must.


  • All staff will wear a fresh mask every day and will wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds regularly, especially before and after touching any surface that they come in contact with.
  • The use of Nitrile or Latex gloves, while good for optics, isn’t the best thing and we would not be requiring our staff to wear them all the time for the following three reasons:
    • A small puncture or tear in the gloves is not uncommon in the wilderness and Nitrile or Latex gloves give a false sense of security.
    • The World Health Organization does not believe that wearing gloves outside is effective in preventing coronavirus infections: “Regularly washing your bare hands offers more protection against catching COVID-19 than wearing rubber gloves,” the health organization has clearly stated. (Ref: World Health Organization)
    • Gloves – Nitrile or Latex are meant for single use only. They need to be discarded after every 4 hours, and these gloves take hundreds of years to bio-degrade.
  • Temperatures of every staff member will be taken every morning and evening. As will the SpO2 levels, to check for “silent hypoxia” (Ref: The New York Times).
  • All our staff stay on the premises and no one is allowed outside. This ensures their safety as well as that of our guests.


  • Temperature and SPO2 levels will be checked for all guests on a daily basis. If any guest has a high temperature or if their SPO2 levels are below 94%, they will be required to connect with local health authorities, for which our staff will assist you. All expenses in relation to this will need to be borne by the guests.
  • All guests will be expected to wear their masks in public areas. If they don’t have one, a fresh mask will be provided.
  • Foot operated hand sanitizers will be placed outside the dining area. Guests will be asked to use them before they enter the dining area.
  • There is no separate place to accommodate drivers on the property, guests are free to reserve a room for their drivers. If the driver is staying off the premises, he will not be allowed entry into the property for any reason whatsoever.
  • If guests are bringing pets, they will have to ensure the pet’s feet are cleaned before entering the room.
  • No guest will be allowed to enter the kitchen or the reception area.


  • Housekeeping will be done every alternate day only – we’d like to keep the entry of non-occupants to your room at the minimum.
  • Rooms will be cleaned only when empty. If you do wish your room to be cleaned, please leave your keys at the reception and step out into the gardens for a while.
  • All carpets and sofas will be taken out of the rooms.
  • A fresh cloth will be used for every room which will then be laundered in hot water before re-use.
  • Housekeeper will wash their hands before and after room entry, clean the room, wash hands and then exit the room. No gloves will be provided – for the same reasons as mentioned above.
  • All surfaces will be cleaned with a neutral detergent and water.
  • All common touch points such as door handles and light switches, tables and counters, armrests of chairs (if not fabric), TV buttons and remote controls, telephones, air conditioner (A/C) buttons and remote controls, kettle handles, bathrooms, washbasins etc. will be disinfected with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.
  • No laundry service will be provided during your stay.
  • Rooms will be provided with a small broom (mini size) and plastic dust collector.


  • We will keep limited tables in the dining room with a distance of a minimum of 6 feet between social bubbles.
  • Guests should come to the restaurants only when a table is available to avoid crowding. We recommend pre-booking your table. Once a table is free, the staff will inform you.
  • A serviced buffet will be laid out – which means our staff will assist you with the serving. They will wear masks and cover their heads for safety.
  • Guests also have the option of dining just outside their own room – a small 4-seater temporary set up can be organized. Please inform us in advance if you prefer this.
  • All meals will have to be had on the premises only. Guests will not be allowed to step out as per the Uttarakhand guidelines.
  • All meals will be a fixed menu. Lunch and dinner usually include a dal, rice, two vegetables and one non-veg dish and desert. Breakfast will be ready-to-order eggs, dosa and chutney, two vegetarian dishes, cornflakes/porridge and chocos for the kids with hot and cold milk.
  • Guests have the option of ordering any one item a la carte from the restaurant menu for any of the three meals.
  • The restaurant menu will be Whatsapped to you – no physical menus will be handed over.
  • A bottle of hand sanitizer will be provided on each dining table and every table will have disposable napkins to be used for that social bubble only.