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The following information will assist you in filling up the E-Pass Form online at

The following information is as per Government Order dated September 11th, 2020 and is liable to change based on updated information we receive..

  • If you are driving into Uttarakhand from any other state, you will need to go online to fill up the Registration Form.
  • No permit or permission is required, but the form needs to be filled because it will be used for verification at the border check post.
  • If you plan to visit Uttarakhand, a Covid-19 test is mandatory – irrespective of how many days you plan to come for.
    • You will need to take the any one of the following tests from an ICMR authorized lab and upload a negative report during the registration process:
      • RT-PCR
      • TrueNat
      • CBNAAT
    • Any one of the above tests needs to be taken within 96 hours before your arrival date.
    • It is mandatory for you to download and update the Arogya Setu app on your mobile phones.
  • Jpegs/PNG or PDF copies of the following documents need to be kept handy, before you start to fill up the registration form:
    • Address Proof (Any one of Aadhaar Card, Passport, Election Commission Photo ID card, Pan Card, Driving License).
    • Hotel booking receipt (provided by Bull’s Retreat)
    • Covid-19 negative test report – if you have taken the test.
  • Following are the details that you will need to fill in your E-Pass:
4. Pass Category: Tourist 4 (A) Pass Sub Category: [Select one of the three options based on the instructions].
8. District Name: Tehri 9. Urban/Rural: Rural
10. Block Name: Narendranagar 11. Gram Panchayat: Shivpuri
11 (A) Village/Ward Name: Shivpuri 12. Address: Opp. Indian Oil Petrol Pump & DGBR, Rishikesh-Badrinath Road, Shivpuri Village, Tehri 249192
22. Purpose of Pass: Tourism
22 (B) Hotel Phone no.: 97616 73106
22 (A) Hotel Name: Bull’s Retreat
22 (C) Hotel Address: Opp. Indian Oil Petrol Pump & DGBR, Rishikesh-Badrinath Road, Shivpuri Village, Tehri 249192
22 (D) Hotel Room No.: [Refer to your hotel receipt/email for this]

A note from our CEO, Akshay Kumar:

Dear Guest,

I’ve driven up to Rishikesh on more than two occasions in the last few weeks, and I think it is important for all our guests to understand the process at the various check points and expect some waiting time. As long as you have your paperwork in place, you should be fine. Here’s what I recommend:

  • Take a printout of your registration pass – that is your ticket so keep it handy. There’s no need to make copies. No one asks you to hand it over - you just need to stretch your hands over the barricade so they can read it.
  • Keep your Covid-19 negative certificate handy. Two copies so you can hand them over where required and not have to take them back – avoiding surface transmission.
  • Take a printout of your hotel bookings and make two copies.
  • Make one sheet that contains the details of everyone travelling with the following details:
    • Your vehicle number right on top.
    • Names of all travellers, their ages, father’s/husband’s name and respective ID nos., yes even for the kids (unless they are infants).
    • Make at least three copies so you can hand them over where needed (not to be taken back, to protect yourself from surface infection).
  • Copies of your hotel booking – two copies. They may or may not ask for you to hand them over, but better to be prepared.
  • I recommend you catch the main highway and not take the diversion via Deoband. Cars driving up from Delhi are being stopped at the Deoband check post and you may have to back-track by 45 min if the Police at the check post do not allow you to pass through.
  • Leave early – I left at 4 AM. Even then I reached at 11:30 AM. Took me around 2 hours at the various check points put together.
  • Carry food and water with you – all restaurants on the way are shut so you will get nothing to eat. No loo points either – the forest or farmland will have to do! Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your car.
  • Last but not the least – this is a much awaited break! So be patient, don’t lose your cool with the bureaucracy at work. The people manning the check points – health authorities, Police and civilians are merely doing their job. It’s hot, and often noisy. But soon you will be at Bull’s Retreat and within a few minutes of getting here, you will forget all the hoops you had to jump through to get there!!

Look forward to seeing you at Bull’s Retreat!